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Who are we ?
EZOP - low-threshold centre for children and youth
Early care
Civil counselling
Personal assistance
Socially activating services for families with children
Supportive activities
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Portimo, o.p.s. is a non-governmental and a non-profit association, operating in the town of Nové Město na Moravě and in the Vysočina region in the Czech Republic. The association was established in 1998, nowadays we are providing five social services:

  •     EZOP - low-threshold centre for children and youth
  •     Civil counselling
  •     Personal assistance
  •     Early care
  •     Socially activating services for families with children

We also co-operate with volunteers.

In "prevention centre CéPéčko" we offer primary prevention programmes which are focused on positive influencing of children behaviour and their ethical standards, on forming their healthy self-conception, group relations issues, prevention of bullying, prevention of drug abuse and other forms of risky behaviour. We organise and run the programmes in schools in our town and region.

and we offer various prevention programs to school groups.


EZOP - low-threshold centre for children and youth

provides background facilities to children and youth from the age of 6 to 20 years who find themselves in an unfavourable life situation or by which they can be in a danger. It is a safe place to spend free time, enjoy, along with getting support and professional help.

EZOP´s work is based on three main pillars:

The low-threshold club is a safe place with clear rules where children and young people can carry out their ideas, where they can play and meet their friends. There are also professional social workers who are always ready to listen and talk to everyone who needs it. Therefore the club is not only the place to enjoy but also to find the needed support, help, and safety.

Streetwork is a kind of social work, giving an opportunity to meet children and young people in their natural environment where they get together and where it is possible to solve various situations and problems and offer them professional help. The importance and advantages of such work arise from the fact that „clients“ in their natural environment feel more safe and sure, therefore they become more „open“. That is the way how we succeed in making contact even with people who have got inner barriers and can´t so easily approach our club regarding it as an institution.


is a social service providing professional help and support to families of handicapped children or whose developement is in a danger due to various influences (biological, psychological, social). Early Care’s mission is to improve their life quality and eliminate possible risks of social isolation. The service is intended for families of children from birth to 7 years.

The aim is to help client families in their difficult life situation, support their child’s development including his education and an adequate use of special tools, toys and professional services as well as to extend public and family knowledge of the needed problems. The last but no the least there is the support of social integration into the community.


Family counselling - field service; social workers regularly visit client families at their home. They plan and implement an individualized program which also represents the stepping stone to our concrete offer of the following possible activities.

Counselling - our clients can also use the ambulatory professional counselling service in Early care centre setting. This way we don’t support only our client families but also health-care, educational and other involved institutions which usually cope with the problems of disabled or socially disadvantaged children.

Occasional activities - client families can meet and join various occassions as for example discussions, lectures, creative handcraft workshops, parents clubs.


This service is a member of the Czech Civil Counselling Association, it operates in towns of Nové Město na Moravě and Bystřice nad Pernštejnem.

Civil Counselling provides registered „professional social counselling service“, the main principles of which are privacy, gratuitousness, ,objectivity, and independence.

Civil Counselling supports citizens during solving their difficult or unfavourable life situations. The work itself consists in giving them necessary information about their rights and duties. Civil counsellors advise their clients of available services and empower them to be able to express their needs or defend their own interests.

We are providing counselling service by telephone, email, post or in person.
The most frequent topics of counselling:
-    finances, debts 
-    employment
-    property, damage compensation 
-    family, partner and interpersonal relations 
-    insurance 


This service provides help and support for disadvantaged adults who need assistance service because of their disease, age or some handicap. In spite of all the difficulties we try to increase their self-reliance, to enable them to live full-valued and dignified life. We provide individualized services based on clients specific needs in their individual settings. While providing the service we promote the principle of partnership. The assistance service is paid.

The service is mainly comprised of help with: self-care, household management, preparing and serving meals, social relationship mediation, exercising clients rights and their rightful claims and dealing with common personal matters.


We offer this service to the families with children who find themselves in an unfavourable social situation and the parents are not able or cannot solve it by themselves. We offer them concrete help and support while our primary goal is a child’s healthy development and renewing of family functions in its natural setting.

The service respects individual needs and wishes of the family, it is provided by qualified social workers. Most of the activities take place in homely atmosphere in client´s place but they can also take place in our „office“. Provided services are free of charge. The total length of service providing and the frequency of single meetings depends on individual client’s needs and on the mutual agreement.

Aims: prevention of social exclusion, early detection of children in adversity, improvement of social and communication abilities, parents competency education, empower families to become more active and independent in solving difficulties, help with concrete problems (contacts with institutions, family relations, unemployment, education etc.)

The most important activities: help with school preparation, support in finding employment, help with arranging free-time activities for children, parents competency training.


We are engaged in a few various activities aimed to develop and improve our services and get public to know them. These activities include increasing quality of provided social services, educational and professional development, volunteering, public relations and fundraising.



Our social work depends on various financial resources: it is financed by the European Social Fund, government, regional and local subsidies, our clients payments, foundation grants and donations, and donors sponsorship (both individuals and companies).



We would like to express our gratitude to all companies and individuals who helped us in 2010 ! The donors and partners list is a part of the Czech version of the Annual Report.

Thank you for your interest and support !


We are grateful for any kind of help. Anyone who would like to support our aims can contact us by letter, e-mail or telephone to negotiate necessary details.

Our account number for possible financial donations is: 27-1297380247/0100.